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We have the ability to be transformed in the midst of chaos, exhaustion, and confusion. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

When we go through life’s fires we will rise transformed. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

Being chosen doesn’t mean being comfortable. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

In the desert seasons of life, we must root into the goodness of God, into being known, and loved by God. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

We need to be rooted in our identities as the treasured and loved creations of a merciful and divine Creator. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

The fear we face in moments of distress forces us to call upon the one who can save. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

When we surrender our control, we hand God not only our faith, but our fear. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

When God makes a promise, He doesn’t take it back. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

The Holy Spirit was not only with us, but in us and empowers us to do what God has called us to do. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

Crying out is a humble reminder that we need God for every moment of everyday. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

During desert seasons and moments of silence, God is still with us. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

There can be no worship for the gift of freedom and salvation without knowing captivity and desolation first. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

When we know the cost of our freedom, it drives our worship. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

Worship doesn’t occur because God demands it, but because we recognize He’s worth it. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

When things need to get awakened, God will sometimes light a fire under our butt to get us moving. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

God can make broken lives whole. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

When we forget about what God has done, it makes us doubt in what He can do. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

Showing weakness makes you vulnerable, but vulnerability displays your strength. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

Embrace the unknown and trust that transformation is awaiting you. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

God is in our past, with us in the present, and orchestrating our future. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

In life there will be moments where we will be faced to chose our way or God’s way. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

Sometimes a reminder of who we are is stronger than a rebuke of what we are not. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

The battle is not ours to fight. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

We can experience God as absent or distant when He is quite near to us. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

In times of fire, friends are needed. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire

Just because there’s an easy road doesn’t mean it’s the right option. - @BiancaOlthoff #PlayWithFire